If you are looking for movie trailers, movie reviews or TV show reviews, then That Show Sucks is your stop!

Well might you ask, “What makes a good movie or TV show?” That’s a difficult question. We are constantly bombarded with new entertainment everyday, yet most of it, well…sucks.

Every now and again we come across a gem; a show so good that it’s worth seeing over and over. A show that captures all the excitement, energy and passion of real life, but with just enough imagination. A good movie or TV show is a great escape; it’s a way to live through someone else.

So, we at That Show Sucks have made it our goal to bring you up-to-date information about upcoming new movies and TV shows. We also scour the web and find the latest movie trailers so you don’t have to.

Feel free to drop in as often as you like and share your thoughts; we aren’t always right.  In the end we want you to voice your opinion.  Go ahead and rate the shows that we review.

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