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The upcoming fully animated movie 9 comes to theaters 9/9/09. Clever, huh?  It seems, however, that a clever release date is not going to help this film any. Watch the 9 movie trailer.

In 9 the world has come to an end (Again!?).  All that is left are 9 little sack robots whose task it becomes to save the world from a corrupted synthetic brain.

My first question is, if we (as in humanity) are all dead, why do we care about nine burlap-wrapped dolls fighting for their lives? Because it might be cool, right?

I found a review, thanks to imdb, that said, in part, the following: “The animation and sets were cool, but that’s all this film ever accomplished, was looking cool. Cool action scenes and interesting battle scenes, and that’s about it.”

Sorry.  Cool just ain’t going to cut it.  A movie has to have more than that.  If you’re going to take the time to impress me with a full length animated film, make the plot interesting too–which is where the movie apparently goes sour as well.

Oops, did I say a full-length film?  I meant to say a featurette.  The running time is only 79 minutes! That’s hardly enough time to finish my jumbo popcorn.

I can see the good intentions behind 9, but I don’t think it’s going to be enough.  That is, we’re all sick of the same old end-of-the-world/apocalypse movies.  9 appears as if it might break from the mold by being completely animated and unique, following the peril of 9 sack doll robots, but I don’t think that will give it the gusto for you to really enjoy it.

I give 9 a preliminary 2-star rating: Bearable.  We’ll see how it turns out.  Come back and tell us what you think after you see it!

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2 Responses to 9 Movie Trailer

This movie sucks big time – and I’m not just saying it. I’m not in an analytical mood, so I’m going to lay it all down and go do better things than pay heeds to this shitty movie, like going to the can and do some real shitting myself.

The graphics are good, the trailer was cool, the premise – epic. Heck, I was even suckered into believing that this would be a revolutionary change in animated movies, having a ‘serious’, mature, adult-watchable movie for once. But no.

The plot was cliche and predictable, not to mention having a few plot-holes here and there. The characters looked interesting, but their personality lacked flavor, being totally stereotypical people. The ending was even worse than its beginning (though I did miss a couple of minutes at the start of the movie due to a late-entry).

To sum it all up, this works better as a point-and-click flash game on the Internet. It should have been called: “9: A Point-and-Click Adventure – with a predictable story, boring characters, and zero effort put in.”

~ Flare

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