2012 Movie – Is the End Really Here?

2012 movie

Well the movie 2012 is coming out this weekend; another end of the world box office hit! This movie finally get’s away from the overused plot that an asteroid is coming to destroy our planet, i.e. Armageddon (1998) and Deep Impact (1998), and instead incorporates all those biblical prophecies of earthquakes, fires, cities sinking into the ocean, etc…

Prophecies that some people were waiting to be fulfilled back in the year 2000; and in 2001; and now for sure this time because the Myan calendar is predicting it, 2012.

Well, whether the end of the world is coming or not, why not take some time in the last couple of years you have to live and go check out 2012 this weekend in theaters.

The producers of 2012 have done us all a favor by releasing this film now, thus giving us a chance to preview what’s waiting for us in the year to come.  Check out the trailer here or read the review and have a great weekend:

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