2012 Movie Review

All I have to say is why is the last line of this movie: “No more pull-ups”?

No, that’s not all I have to say, but if it weren’t for the AMAZING disaster scenes in 2012 then that line might describe the gist of this movie.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, no one goes to see these types of movies to witness stellar acting or to be emotionally moved. Though 2012 made poor attempts at this, it’s the sweet graphics and destruction scenes that makes 2012 a fun movie to watch.

So, if you want to see complete and utter destruction that doesn’t follow the traditional end-of-the-world cliche of asteroids or aliens then 2012 is for you. If you can’t stand poor acting, cheesy emotional moments, or John Cusak, then see something else this weekend.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, take a look here.

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  • Hi,
    Do we really believe in some sort of “change” is going to take place in 2012 based on an ancient culture? In my opinion religion was formed to explain things that were unexplainable to ancient people. Why’d it rain? The rain god made it so. Why is the person acting crazy? He has a demon.

    What is my ponit?

    That if there is some “shift” in thinking it will go unnoticed by the masses. Most of us won’t realize it’s happening until we can look back and see the paradigm shift in retrospect. I believe nothing magical or alien will happen on that day. The same way nothing happened in the year 2000 when all computers were going to fail and the second coming of Christ was supposed to happen. Movie looks interesting though.


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