Movie Review : Captain America

Captain America: The First Avenger is out on Friday! And here’s an (early) review of the movie, brought to you all wioth love. The burning question that will be in every true Cap fan’s hearts will of course be: is this movie good?

Yes, this movie is good. Captain America shows us the origin and journey of one of Marvel’s most famous and longstanding heroes. The film is an exciting action ride that takes us through Captain America’s fight in WW2, through his¬†initial¬†discouragement in being too weak for the army, and then through the massive changes into the principled hulking hero of a man we’d all like to become.

The action is frantic, the tone of the film is good, and the attention to detail is great. Marvel fans will appreciate the great amount of Easter Eggs and winks thrown their way. Chris Evans does a great job of infusing Captain America with heart and charm, and seriously put on some bulk for this movie. Like, I immediately made a resolution to hit the gym upon viewing this film.

Fans will get what they desperately want from this movie, while casual viewers will enjoy the action and sheer spectacle of it all. Its a win win for everyone.

All in all, Captain America: The First Avenger is something that needs to be seen. It’s exciting and dynamic and fun. Is it a tad formulaic? Yes. But that’s kind of the point. In a time where there is nothing but bleakness in the world and moral relativism dominating media productions, its refreshing to have a hero who is… ya know… someone is is honestly good.

I don’t know about you all, but I was ready for a hero who made me feel good, instead of the gritty murderous antihero stuff that constantly bombards us any day. Captain America is that hero, and takes us on a fun ride that is exciting and memorable and makes you stoked to be there. This movie is highly recommended.

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4 Responses to Movie Review : Captain America

Excellent News. Finally something worth watching this year :-) CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER: An excellent throwback of a film, replete with rollicking action and cheeky one-liners. Jolly good fun!

This movie is not good. Not at all. I love Cap but was wildly disappointed in it. It looked way too much like Billy Zane’s The Phantom meets Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow. The idea of these movies excel on the thought that what we see isn’t possible but it very well may be. The vehicles and other things in the movie are just way too far out there I didn’t like the setup and Captain America wasn’t as aggressive in the fighting scenes as he should have been, People are spoiled these days with fast paced fight scenes and awesome effects. This movie was a very very sad disappointment for me.

Commented:  1 August 2011 at 4:37 am()

Chris Evans is WAY too puny to be Cap. The casting people should be thrown off a cliff for this and the terrible Thor film. They should have gotten the guy who played Thor to be Captain America and found someone who is close to Dolph Lundgren’s size to play Thor. God, this movie sucked. Don’t look for a sequel.

Added some bulk? You must have never been to a gym, because Evans looks meager. A 190 lb, 5’11” actor should never be called upon to play the ultimate human specimen.

Commented:  5 September 2011 at 4:38 am()

this movie sucks. does not make sense even in comic world. the villain’s guns are so much powerful but they seem to try to attack him with their hands. are you kidding me? they could have killed captain america within 15 minutes of him becoming captain america.


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