Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Let’s face it. everyone likes Cap’n Jack Sparrow. Everything about the character has proved to be endearing and awesome for the last five or so years. However, we also have to face the fact that the last couple of Pirates movies were not that great. Sure, they were box office successes, but the overall sense of adventure and fun kind of slacked off as their “epic stuff” CGI budget grew.

The second Pirates movie was nothing more than the set up for the third one, and the third movie was just a little too over the top obnoxious for many people. If anything, it was the need to try to expand on a good thing too much that made things less fun. Well, that coupled with the ever more annoying presence of Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley.

That being said, it looks like the upcoming release of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is going to be good. The trailer looks like they are going for the fun and the adventure and the discovery of the first one, rather than relying on pirates vs British-ey Dutch people in a war for, um…. the right to pillage stuff first.

Johnny Depp is back as Cap’n Jack, and he’s going after the Fountain of Youth. The movie looks like it is smartly playing off of period mythology and legend, and building it into a rousing adventure. The scenery and atmosphere looks like its gonna be very engaging to look at, and like it will draw people in. Penelope Cruz is on board to be the spunky love interest, and Blackbeard is gonna be her evil father. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Sorry. I really like Blackbeard stuff.

Also, there is a new director helming the project. Fresh perspective should prove to be interesting. It basically looks like a movie that is going back to its roots, and making things a great ride for audiences once again.

All in all, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is looking like it will be great. And Orlando Bloom and Kiera Kightly aren’t in it, which immediately will make this movie 700% less shrill and brooding than the last two.

That’s an automatic win in my book. I mean, seriously. Knightley was approaching a noise level that was approaching “dog whistle” in the last movie, and Bloom did not stop whining the entire time.

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