Predictions For Battle: Los Angeles

The film Battle: Los Angeles is due out in a half of a month, and it’s time for some predictions. The movie’s plot revolves around a mysterious alien force that comes down to the beaches of California and toally begins killing stuff. It’s up to a (presumably) ragtag bunch of misfits to take them out. So, here’s some predictions.

-Michelle Rodriguez will play a tough cop or soldier or something. As she has in every single movie ever.

-Aaron Eckhart’s chin will be seriously impressive.

-Ne-Yo has joined the likes of every other rapper ever in making the transition to film. He’ll start off playing tough guys, but he’ll be producing family comedies in a couple of years.

-There will be much CGI. Oh, YES there will be CGI present. Yay!

-The aliens are misunderstood.

-Humanity will win. Shocker, I know.

All in all, Battle: Los Angeles is looking like Independence Day 2011. If the movie embraces the campy aspects of the genre, then it could be good. Taking joy in silly explosions is a good thing in film. However, if it takes itself seriously at all, then it will be awful. Like, Eagle Eye levels of bad. One can only hope that the Californian attempt to destroy the alien force does not involve having Jeff Goldblum cook up a spontaneous computer virus and use it to give the aliens a cascade of pop up ads.

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One Response to: Predictions For Battle: Los Angeles

Commented:  18 February 2011 at 12:51 pm()

Ok, seriously hilarious post! I think your predictions are probably dead on–particularly the one about Michelle Rodriguez. She will undoubtedly have some great cheese-ball one-liner involving the word B*&$h.


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