Best Movie Of 2010?

2010 had a decent list of movies that turned out to be awesome. Don’t get me wrong, the standouts truly shined because of the monster wave of indifference that most films inspired. However, the standouts were truly great.

Here’s a list of the more popular options that shored up 2010. In my mind, the films were the ones that truly defined the year itself. I’m listing my standouts in order of release, as to not give off the sense that I’m biased or anything.


How To Train Your Dragon. I honestly didn’t know about this movie going into it. However, I was blown away by how charming and funny and heartfelt this movie was. This movie had heart and spirit and soul, and was one of the few 3D movies I’ve veer seen that actually looked good with the effect. It was a kids movie that adults could fully enjoy equally, which is high praise indeed.

Inception. There’s hardly any need to even go into this one. Inception has essentially redefined what film is capable of. Whirling, surreal effects and a deep and complex plot elevated this movie above the pack. It filled an existentialist gap that was left by the Matrix franchise and bettered what science fiction movies could be in many ways.

The King’s Speech. This was undoubtedly a heavy hitter, shored up by the performance of a lifetime by Colin Firth. This one so many awards during Oscar season that it stands out as best movie (from an awards perspective). Very moving show.

True Grit. My personal favorite of the pack. A truly dynamic reboot of a beloved Western, that actually did its best to be accurate and truthful to both source material and history. Whoa! Great performances and raw realism made True Grit something awesome.

It’s all a matter of perspective, of course. But no matter what people say, 2010 was undoubtedly a good year, in the sense that some truly memorable movies came out among a pack of uninspired ones.

Shout out in the comments if you feel passionately about one of these films, or if you feel like there’s something that was forgotten.

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One Response to: Best Movie Of 2010?

Commented:  20 May 2011 at 1:08 pm()

Great movie choices–I agree with all of them. I think I may add The Social Network into that pack as well.


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