Best Movie of 2012 to be The Hobbit

It is true. Peter Jackson, director of the epic Lord of the Rings movies released in 2001-2003, has agreed to bring Middle Earth back to the big screen through the famous prequel story “The Hobbit.” This movie is based on the book by J.R.R. Tolkien and will follow Bilbo Baggins and his dwarfish friends as they attempt to rescue stolen treasure from the dangerous dragon Smaug, way before Frodo ever teamed up with the fellowship or traveled to Mount Doom. “The Hobbit” will bring back the star actors from the Lord of the Rings movies as well as be filmed in the same beloved New Zealand locations. But, the best part is that this prequel will be a two part series so you get double the fun. The movies are expected to be released on December 19 2012 and December of the following year.

So why were the Lord of the Rings movies so successful? And why will the Hobbit be the best movie next year? Here are some reasons:

Reason 1. An incredible story. Each of these movies have, or will be based off the amazing stories written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien created a story that generated such a cult-like following that although over 60 years have past since the book was written, people still clamor about it. The movies were obviously also a major success.

Reason 2. The creativity is intriguing. People are bored with everyday life, let’s face it. And what Tolkien did was create a world in his head that was so vivid and intriguing that when he put it into words, the story spread like wild fire. Tolkien’s books, and inherently the movies, are an impressive escape because they are so detailed and unique, and people love to immerse themselves in it.

Reason 3. It has become such a cult classic. At this point there are so many people that thoroughly enjoy Lord of the Rings, and think that they are the best movies ever, that if you do not know about it, you will feel behind. Not liking Lord of the Rings or having never seen it might just be like not ever signing up for a Facebook account. People just look at you funny after you say it.

The Hobbit will surely add a great deal to the epic adventure movie series that began with Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit may be the best movie of the year next year and there is much to look forward to. Right now there is little information on the movie and it appears that no movie trailer has been created yet, but I’m sure that it will come soon and when the movie eventually is released I’m sure it will be the best movie ever.

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2 Responses to Best Movie of 2012 to be The Hobbit

Sounds good to me. Can’t wait for this to come out just so I can revisit all the movies, read The Hobbit for the first time and re-read all the LotR books. Come on 2012…

The Hobbit is going to be SO AWESOME! I can’t wait for this movie, hopefully it is right up there with the other three. Do you know that Peter Jackson almost didn’t want to do this movie? I heard it took some convincing. Not sure who the guy is that is playing the Hobbit, but I hear good things, so hopefully it all turns out great.


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