Best Superhero Movie Of The Summer?

Righto! Let’s have a poll type thingee. There are three big superhero releases that are going to happen over the summer. Each one has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and there has been considerable debate on the internet so far as to which ones are gonna be awesome and which will bomb. Who knows? Maybe they’ll all be incredibly good. Here’s the breakdown.

Captain America: The First Avenger. With the trend of establishing heroes as gitty and flawed and making movies that are dark and violent in theme, a movie about the selfless and morally upright Cap is definitely something that needs extra care.

From what we’ve been shown so far, the movie is shaping up to be good. The main story is going to take place during WW2, showing Captain America’s ascent to hero. The redesign for his outfit is looking great, the theme looks like it’s going to be gritty and dark and character focused, and Hugo Weaving is playing Red skull, Cap’s nemesis. Byaaaah!

Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds is going to be donning the ridiculously form fitting CGI suit on this one. From what we’ve been shown, the movie is definitely going to be focused on wondrous visuals and a grand sense of scale and fun. Of course, that is appropriate, because the Green Lanterns are a platoon of galactic protectors.

Everything about this movie seems likable. And they’ve somehow managed to make one of the more complex and fantastical scenarios seem accessible to the people who don’t read comic books.

Thor. The son of Odin is finally getting th modern big screen treatment. Not much has been shown so far. The theme looks great though. The attention to detail that has been given to Asgard is amazing to behold, and we can expect lots of hulking pretty people in Viking armor smashing things with even heavier things.

Thor looks like it’s gonna be a fun ride. This movie is one of the prequels for the Avengers movie out next year, so there will be an origin story followed by heavy duty manly fighting and awesomeness and then Nick Fury will show up. Calling it now.

X-Men: First Class. The announcement about X-Men: First Class took me by surprise when it happened a few months ago. This movie will effectively reboot the X-Men franchise, while not being connected to it, while slightly being connected to it.

Confused yet?

The movie will focus on the foundiung days of the X-Men, folowing Xavier and Magneto when they were young men. It’s an interesting take that hasn’t been examined much. This will completely redefine the way that the X-Men are seen, because the art style, direction, and pacing weill all be completely different. This will definatly be an interesting thing to keep an eyte on, especially since the abombination that was X-Men 3.

So there you have it. Give a holla in the comments if you feel incredible love for one of the upcoming releases, or if you think that they’re gonna suck. Both types of feedback are welcome here. We don’t judge.

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One Response to: Best Superhero Movie Of The Summer?

Oddly enough, I think X-Men is gonna be the best one this year. The other ones just look like cash cows to me, thinking Vaughn might actually be what the franchise needed after the douchebag Ratner started screwing shit up. Here’s to hoping, but whatever, I’ll be seeing all of these anyway.


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