Cars 2!

In case any of you have missed the announcements, Cars 2 is out in late June!

We’ll be following the adventures of Mater and Lightning McQueen in like a month! From the trailers and sneak peaks that have been played so far, it’s looking like they are going bigger and more explosive with this one than the previous iteration, with more action and fast moving things. And stuff.

The more over the top feel may be a bit of a calculated risk, but it’s looking like it will be truly fun. I’m fully expecting Cars 2 to have fun homages to other high octane movies, so it should be funny.

Now, there are going to be some people (including me) who would be skeptical about the prospect of a sequel, especially when the first Cars movie concluded so effectively. Under normal circumstances, this caution would be well merited. However, this is Pixar, and they have produced nothing but excellence.

That statement isn’t just a glowing reflection of Pixar as a company, either. Pixar will be staking their sizable reputation on making sure that things are of the utmost quality. It’s in their best interest that this is good and profitable at the same time. And Pixar isn’t exactly known for making shovelware, so we’re in good hands.

It’s gonna be¬†DELIGHTFUL, people. De-lightful. I’m truly excited to see it.

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