The Smurfs: New Worst Movie Ever?

Well, here’s a bit of interesting information that is sure to surprise very few people. The Smurfs, the digital rebooting of the beloved Smurfs franchise, is pretty much hated by everyone. That’s right, when I say everyone, I mean everyone.

As in, there are currently no good reviews of this movie that I can find. Everyone that I’ve talked to about it has hated it as well. Now, there are some seriously awful movies that I have seen in my time that have actually made me dumber as a result. Yet, I’ve never though tot award them a zero.

So what is it about The Smurfs that has grated with audiences so? It would appear that while the creators of the film are doubtlessly trying to milk a franchise for a quick buck like they did with Alvin and the Chipmunks and Garfield, The Smurfs has finally struck the audiences last nerve.

The movie is purported to be idiotic, poorly made, and incredibly grating in nature. Like, while critics give universal praise to Winnie the Pooh, they lambast The Smurfs because one manages to be childlike and one is obnoxiously childish.

These movies try to bank on audience nostalgia while simultaneously pulling in small children, which doesn’t resonate well at all with people. Combine forced nostalgia and poorly made obnoxiousness, and critics react with hostility.

Hopefully with this creative backlash, the people that insist on making beloved cartoons into horrible movies will take the hint and leave the franchises alone. However, if this movie makes back what was invested in it, there will be more, and that’s a promise.

I do have to say one positive thing about this, however. It has to take serious talent to create a movie that is currently at 0% on RottenTomatoes. Like, the fact that this movie is universally hated is kind of impressive in a surreal kind of way.

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