Denied: No Oscars For Star Trek Cast

Star Trek Movie PosterLots of people are whining over how avatar didn’t win as many Academy Awards as it should’ve.  I can see that.  I acknowledge that.  But where the heck was Star Trek?

Star Trek was only nominated for a mere four categories: Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Makeup.  Out of those four, it only won the Best Makeup award (which isn’t surprising, since the only other two nominees were Il Divo and The Young Victoria, neither of which I’ve even heard of).

Where’s the love for the actors?  What about the director?  The producers?  And let’s not even bring in the screenplay writers and other staff that made this movie so awesome. Just look at the trailer!

Let’s consider what Star Trek did right. First off, it was a successful reboot for the series. Sure, there were several classics for the fanboys out there (who can deny how awesome Khan was?), but they tried too hard to turn the old Sci-Fi drama into an action movie in Star Trek Nemesis back in December 2002. Not only did 2009’s film have a new young crew to pass the torch to, but due to Awesome Past-Changing Time Travel no foreknowledge of the old series is needed to enjoy this movie.

Which brings me to number two: even though the characters from the first television series starred in the newest film, you really don’t need to know Star Trek to enjoy it. Sure, it’s great to see the quirky interactions of young Kirk and McCoy as they weasel their way onto the Enterprise, or to see how the former did cheat the Kobayashi Maru test, but all in all this is a new continuity. My buddies who wouldn’t know a Klingon from a potato chip bad clip still loved it.

Lastly, the visual effects were great. I saw a bit of the making of the movie documentary and it’s cool to see all of the little details that went into the making of the film. The director himself even bumped the camera repeatedly on purpose to give it a more dramatic feel in some sequences (go back and pay attention to the shaking, it was Abrams himself smacking that thing!)

Dumbfounded Crew

Sorry Bones, you’re not getting an Oscar. And yes, Scotty is really ticked about it.

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