District 9 Movie Review

Oh no! Not another sci-fi movies with aliens, spaceships, and destruction. There have been way too many movies that rehash the same ole topics.  Usually in these type of films, it’s mostly mindless action and the story is lost. However, this is not the case for District 9. It is not what I expected.

District 9 is a story about aliens who make contact with Earth and their relationships with humans and society. There’s so much more to it. It’s also about betrayal, loyalty, trust, relationships, and sacrifice, which are not usually stressed in this genre. It can actually be pretty deep and thought provoking with many themes floating around.

The best thing about District 9 is it always manages to stay fresh and surprising throughout, which is good to see nowadays. Check out District 9 Trailer if you haven’t seen it.

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller

Rated: R
Released: August 14, 2009

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