Michael Jackson’s “This is It” SUCKS

Anyone tired of hearing about Michael Jackson?  Since his death way back in June of this year, it’s been not stop media coverage of the guy – from his death, to his funeral, to his burial, to his doctor’s so-called mal-practice, and now to his new film celebrating his last tour.  Enough already!

Doesn’t anyone remember that this guy was a total freak?  He was an alleged child molester for cryin’ out loud!  A guy who would hold his own baby over a balcony to please a crowd.  Listen people, the world is a better place with him gone!

But of course there’s those of you out there who are fanatics – people who never met the guy, but cry and clap when they go and see the film and remember their “deep, painful, personal loss.”  Get over it already.  All I have to say is that Michael Jackson’s “This is It” sucks! Watch a trailer for the film here.

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4 Responses to Michael Jackson’s “This is It” SUCKS

:shakes head:
I don’t even know where to start here, but I’m to tired to argue. So I’ll just shake my head, and say “this post sucks”. 😉

Commented:  10 November 2009 at 10:52 pm()

I have to admit, I too am shocked by this post. I haven’t actually seen the movie yet, although I have been dying to see it; everyone I know went without me! But I have only heard amazing things about this video, which I am stoked to see. MJ has talent and you cannot deny that.

I watched bits online, yeah no real interviews or footage of mj chilling, just alot of crappy rehearsals of songs hes always done, no songs from like invinsible that have never been performed, or anything new whatsoever. Im so glad I never paid sony $ to see it. Mj never toured for invinsible he could have done songs from that.. or made some new songs. 5o years old and a mega washout. Should have got actual sleep instead of demerol… maybe he would have been more creative.

Commented:  10 January 2010 at 8:35 pm()

Who ever posted this comment is Ignorant. The world would probably be better if you were gone. Michael Jackson has never molested anyone, and that is a well known fact. Example: If someone molested your child, Would you take the money and then just walk away as if it never happened? All of the hardache and pain that Michael endured was due to others wanting to profit from his fame. His movie was great, and what a priveledge that someone such as Michael could have such a great impact on the world.That is commendable! What will the world say about you?


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