Dumb Movies: Still Fun To Watch

One of the things I get a lot of joy out of it watching dumb movies with friends. When we are watching these shows, we don’t watch them because they are innovating or electrifying or touching in any way. We watch them because we’ve seen them a zillion times before, and we like to make fun of them.

Some people don’t quite get it, and that’s ok, but for a lot of us, watching movies with others is a social experience that is vocal and obnoxious and silly. Getting together in a group and making funny comments about a generic action movie are always hilarious in nature, because it comes easily.

Some of my persoanl favorites in this genre include Sahara, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Mission Impossible 2. Why are these so fun to watch? Because they’re dumb, and they’re great to make fun of.

For example, my friends and I like to watch Mission Impossible 2 and count the number of bullets that Tom Cruise fires from his pistols before reloading. (Answer: 46-ish) We also like to poke fun at the continuity errors, such as during the dramatic chase scene where his road motorcycle suddenly grows dirt tires when the camera pans away. There is joy in poking fun at the thing that you like, I think.

Let’s face it. Everyone has those movies that they like to watch because they are silly and dumb and maybe over the top. It’s part of the movie watching experience to have a series of bad “classics” that can be returned to over and over again.

There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, sometimes dumb movies can be comforting in their own way.

Sound off in the comments if you have a particular dumb movie that you love and need to share with us!

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