Eddie Murphy Dead?

eddie murphyFor the second time this year, rumors flew that Eddie Murphy was dead.  Well, that’s just plain false.  Quite spectacular how fast news can fly on the web, eh?

Well, what is a true rumor is that things are in the works for a 4th Beverly Hills Cop.  I suppose this could be terrible news, however.  There have been a few sequels in recent movie years (the Bourne series) that have been great, perhaps even better than the first.  But more often than not, the sequel or “fivequel”–whatever you want to call it–just suck. What readily comes to mind is the 4th Indian Jones.

The original “Beverly Hills Cop” grossed $316 million worldwide and led to two sequels, the last of which appeared in theaters in 1994.  The series has grossed $712.9 million.

I really hope Eddie Murphy does it right this time.  His recent film have either been too childish or too boring (or both) for me to enjoy.  We’ll see what he can do.

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