Tangled Review

Though I don’t usually expect too much from Disney movies, Tangled blew away any expectations I had walking into the theater. The best words to describe Disney’s newest animated film are adorable and endearing. From the opening scene until the credits started rolling, I was hooked. It measured up to other recent Disney movies like Toy Story 3 and Up.

This movie basically follows the classic Rapunzel story: a girl it taken from her parents as a baby and locked away in a door-less tower by a witch. The only means of getting into or out of the tower when the witch comes to visit is Rapunzel’s incredibly long hair. Eventually, a prince finds Rapunzel in the tower and falls in love with her, to the horror of the witch.

Disney’s New Animated Film- Tangled

Tangled follows this basic outline with fun, surprising twists. The “prince” of this tale is the clever and charming thief, Flynn Rider, who is running from the law and needs Rapunzel’s help. Rapunzel is a naive but adventurous girl dreaming of escaping her tower and going to see the magical lights that she has seen every year from her tower’s one window. Along with her comedic little friend, a chameleon named Pascal, Rapunzel seeks excitement and romance while Flynn desperately attempts to escape trouble.

Another twist to this classic tale is Rapunzel’s 70-foot-long hair itself. Due to a magical flower, her hair has healing powers that Mother Gothel (the witch) uses to keep herself from aging. When Rapunzel disappears with Flynn, Mother Gothel desperately tries to get her back.

Mother Gothel in Disney's Tangled

The whole movie was enchanting and is one of Disneys best ever films. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is not a moment to lose. Great for all ages, this movie will leave you delighted.

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