Movie Review: Winnie the Pooh

Well, it may be a bit outside of the usual realm, but I feel like doing a movie review of Winnie the Pooh today!

It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed a nice family film here, and its something that is well worth doing in order to keep things fresh and fun. And if it’s a nice family film that you want, look no further than Winnie the Pooh.

The movie follows the usual escapades of Pooh and friends, as they have adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood. This time around, out furry friends are spend their time looking for Eeyore’s tail, which has mysteriously gone missing, as well as having contests to replace it while possibly gearing up to face down a monster. Everything is handled with the gentle good humor and silliness that is a part of the franchise, allowing the audience to be thoroughly amused by their hi-jinks.

Silly Pooh and the often hapless Piglet are joined by ferociously harmless Tigger, worrying Rabbit, downtrodden Eeyore, good natured Kanga and Roo, addle brained Owl, and wonder struck Christopher Robin in the search for a good days adventure and fun

Put simply, Winnie the Pooh is DELIGHTFUL. Children will of course take joy in the characters and the silly story, while adults will be able to revel in the stylized gentle simplicity of the artwork and animation. One thing that many people, including myself, were concerned about was the concept of reboots and Winnie the Pooh. However, this movie happily embraces its roots and retains its identity.

Of special note would have to be Craig Ferguson, in the role of Owl. Ferguson has long been a favorite of mine due to his wry wit and gentle smugness, and the effect is infectious in nature. The thing about Craig Ferguson is, once you realize that he is doing a voice in a move, you can’t help but project him onto everything viewed. I don’t know how it really is, but I have to imagine that his voice work sessions are hilarious in nature, and I would happily fork out for some good outtakes.

After being bombarded with a slew of movies celebrating moral relativism and callous indifference toward the world and everything in it, it’s nice to see a film that celebrates innocence and good hearted fun. Too often we get wrapped up in the gritty stuff before we realize what is important, and Winnie the Pooh nicely showcases the kind of heart that many of us forget with time.

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