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For those of you who aren’t aware of it, Fast Five is coming out at the end of April. The movie is going to take the notable stars from the other Fast And The Furious movies, and will have them come all together for “one last job”. Gee, I’m no expert, but I’m willing to bet anything that something bad will happen during their “one last job”.

This hunch may simply be my excellent predictive skills at work, or it may simply be that I’ve seen a movie before. Actually… every other Fast And The Furious movie involved “one last job”! Whoa……..

Let’s be clear. This movie will be cheesy. It will be completely over the top, the acting will be terrible, and plot will be laughable.  However, that won’t stop me from seeing it. Why? Because it’s another Fast And The Furious movie.

These are not cinematic works of art. Far from it. But they are fun. Every movie before this (with the exception of the truly abysmal third movie) has managed to be a fun romp that involves lots of impressive engine noises and steely eyes and shouted profanity and explosions. These are movies that revel in their stupidity.

There’s something to be said of movies that embrace their identity. The makers of these films know that they are completely ridiculous, which is why they largely stopped trying to be realistic after the first one. Instead, they focus on creating crazy situations, stylized vehicle chases, and blowing stuff up. And you know what?

That’s fine by me. I’m looking forward to turning off my brain for 2 hours and going along for the ride with Fast Five. And as an added bonus for all of us who have been watching for the last decade, the ensemble cast is going to be something that is truly fun. Seeing all of the characters interact will be both amusing and ridiculous, since most of them didn’t even exist in the same space over the course of the movies. Should be interesting.

Vroom vroom manly grunt vroom.

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