Friday Night Movie Night, January 29

So it’s almost the weekend and you might be wondering how you’re going to wind down and relax this weekend. is here to help you make some movie watching decisions to help your weekend be as enjoyable as possible. We have three categories of movie watchers (going to the theater group, redbox, and netflix) to make sure that no matter where you are you’ll have some great shows to watch.

    Going to the Theater:

If you want to get out and actually spend money in our current economy here are the top two movies that everyone should see sooner or later (click title to see trailer).

First Choice: Avatar

Close Second: Blind Side

Both of these Movies are incredible and if you’ve already seen them, well, go see them again.

Michael Jackson Movie Poster


If you are too lazy and don’t feel like going to the theater then here are our two suggestions for you to pick up at your local unnamed movie-disposal box that may or may not be the color red.

First Choice: Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Close Second: Angels & Demons

The Michael Jackson movie should be an interesting one if you haven’t taken the time to see it.  Angels & Demons is a great show, which is easily ten times better than Da Vinci Code.

Traitor movie poster


If you can’t even make it to a local rental place or redbox, but have streaming Netflix at home via computer or xbox, then here are a couple of winners for your night.

First Choice: Traitor

Close Second: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (original version)

I personally got a little freaked out with Jonny Depp version of Willy Wonka, but the original is a good show.  Traitor was a really interesting movie that makes you think a little bit, but be warned, it can be slow at some times.

Well we hope that you have a great weekend and that we’ve helped you decide what movies will make this weekend slightly less boring than usual.

Let us know in the comments section if you plan on or did watch any of these films. Also, any ideas for weekend movie/tv activities are welcome as well.

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