Friday Night Movie Night, April 2

The weekend has finally came around and I’m sure you’re ready for it. Here is where we post our recommendations for anyone and everyone interested in watching a movie, on any medium. We hope you enjoy and take our advice.
How to train your dragon movie poster

    Going to the Theater:

If you want to get out and actually spend money in our current economy, here are the top two movies that everyone should enjoy if you haven’t seen them already.

First Choice: How to Train Your Dragon (3d)

Close Second: Percy Jackson and the really long title

I removed Alice in Wonderland from the list this week, because I honestly wasn’t that impressed with the movie. If you haven’t had time to go see How to Train Your Dragon make sure to do that this week or as soon as possible. The show has incredible graphics and the storyline is unique enough to keep you entertained.

where the wild thing are movie poster


If you’re too lazy and don’t feel like going to the theater, then here are our two suggestions for you to pick up at your local unnamed movie-disposal box that may or may not be the color red.

First Choice: Where the Wild Things Are

Close Second: Fast and the Furious

Where the Wild Things Are is based on a children’s novel that pretty much everyone in the country has read at some point or another in their life. The book was amazing and the movie lives up to that standard. I have seen all the Fast and the Furious movies and found this fourth installment to be one of the best ones. Most of us are trying to forget about number 3 and consider the trilogy complete with number 4.

Shawshank Redemption Movie PosterNetflix:

If you can’t even make it to a local rental place or redbox, but have streaming Netflix at home via computer or xbox, then here are a couple of winners for your night.

First Choice: Shawshank Redemption

Close Second: War Games

Shawshank Redemption is actually the best movie ever made and has held the number 1 spot on my personal list for quite some time. The acting is incredible, the storyline captivating, and the ending is surprising. War Games is older and pretty outdated for a kid-hacker movie, but I actually really enjoyed watching this movie. It was interesting to see what they portrayed as a possible end of the world situation and how it could be avoided.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t do anything stupid, like alphabetizing your movie collection by director.

Let us know in the comments section if you plan on or did watch any of these films. Also, any ideas for weekend movie/tv activities are welcome as well.

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