G.I. JOE Mama!

That’s what I was thinking the whole time I was watching the movie. Why?

Well, after using a bi-sexual guy (Channing Tatum) to play the lead role in G.I Joe as a military commander, it really lost a lot of credibility in my eyes.  People think just because they have a good looking face they can still act. Another problem was trying to make the movie so pact with story, plot, action, special effects, staying true to the G.I Joe series: A Real American Hero (1983), yet trying to make it somewhat realistic  really didn’t work all that well for them.  Here are  my professional (as I like to think it) critiques on each points of the movie as follows.

Plot: Decent, the movie has quite a few twists to it, nothing is as it seems, and everything seems to connect at the end, so you might find that quite a bit interesting and entertaining.

Acting: Horrible, The military personnel seemed to make a joke out of everything, and like I mentioned the main actor just tried to look pretty for the camera and had no commanding feel to his voice. The enemy acted more like Pinky and the Brain of the Anamaniacs than real enemies of the state. So you might be disappointed with this aspect of the movie.

CGI special effects: Over done yet high-quality. The lighting and explosions as well as the bio-chemical weapon that eats anything it contacts was incredibly done. The titanium suits the soldiers wear and the machinery was very well created. By far the effects were one of the best characteristics of G.I Joe.

Production Design:  As I mentioned, excellent, creative designs and unique  ideas for future concept weaponry.

Action: enough to keep you entertained.

That’s enough of that,  let me  hear what you think. For a movie trailer check this one out: G.I Joe Movie Trailer

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