Gearing Up For The Avengers Movie

After the Super Bowl trailers for Captain America and Thor last night, it’s time to start getting excited for the Avengers movie coming in 2012.

The Avengers movie is taking all of the big Marvel superheroes from the last five years and are having them join forces to battle evil. The Avengers is a proud Marvel tradition, having had many teams of different heroes filling Aveneger roles over the years. The concept has also been addressed in cartoon and movie form.

However, this will be the first time that such blockbuster characters have joined franchises together on this big screen in such a way. So far, confirmed characters for the movie are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk. These heroes will also be joined by Nick Fury and the Black Widow as their SHIELD team leads. It is also speculated that a variety of heroes could fill other slots on the team.

This movie is something to look on with excitement. After all, if it ends up being amazing, then that will pave the way for more movies. That’s my personal hope, since I have a long history with the characters and I’ve liked all of the movies. (Even Hulk. Sometimes.) However, if this one tanks it could spell the end of some of the existing excellent franchises, like Iron Man.

Hopefully the Avengers movie is awesome. But, who knows? Maybe a bad Avengers movie will trigger the 2012 apocalypse. Here’s to hoping it is epic.

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