How to Train your Dragon

So I lucked out and was able to go to an early screening of How to Train your Dragon and wasn’t expecting much from the movie. The movie was presented in 3d in an iMax theater, but I still was wondering if I would be awake for the whole film. The theater was packed with animation junkies and their kids, who will probably grow up to be nerdy like them.

After watching some great previews, and some TERRIBLE ones, the movie final began with THX’s new 3d intro screen, which was pretty darn cool. Immediately after all the sponsors were shown we jumped into a Viking War with the a clan of dragons. The animation was incredible and for the first time, I actually appreciated having the 3d experience.

The movie progresses and you find yourself actually caring about the characters and hoping for them to succeed. One thing I appreciated about the show was that there were some plot twists and unexpected outcomes, which make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

All in all, I must say that How to Train your Dragon is a show worth watching this upcoming weekend when it officially comes out.

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