iPad: The Future of Movie Watching on the Go or Not?

ipadYesterday Apple had a huge press release for their upcoming product, the iPad. The iPad honestly looks like an iPod Touch made for Andrea the Giant. The device has a 9.7 inch wide screen display and supports multi-touch interfacing by having well over a thousand sensors built in. The device can be bought with or without a 3g option, which allows for internet usage on the go. The device also supports “HD” video, which term is used in so many ways that it doesn’t mean much to me any more. Okay enough with the specs, now on to the movies.

The iPad is supposed to support up to ten hours of battery life, which is more than enough time to watch a video or two when you are on the go. The question comes to mind about when and where you would actually want to watch a movie on such a large portable device. If you are driving you are not allowed to watch a movie, that’s just stupid and it looks like airplanes are limiting the time that you can use electronic devices, which doesn’t give you enough time to watch an entire film. If you are ridding the subway you’re asking for a mugging. If your on a train then you’re probably in Europe and are most likely doing work on the way to the office. If you’re home then you should be watching movies on your nice big lcd tv with blueray, not just sitting there crouching behind some slightly smaller than a piece of paper device.

Now I think that if you’re a hard core ebook reader that you should get one, but for the movies I’m sticking to a bigger screen.

Maybe I’m way off base, but let us know what you think in the comments section.

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