Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland movie posterThis last weekend I finally made it out to see Alice in Wonderland and was a tad confused. The movie was really well done and the graphics are outstanding, but was there any part of the storyline that wasn’t expected? I mean, I didn’t see one unusual twist or even a slight surprise. The whole story came down to Alice going back to wonderland and everyone saying she wasn’t the right one, even though you knew she was. Time goes on and you know she’ll kill the Jaberwalke in the Lord of the Rings Chessboard final battle. It was exactly how you expected it to be, nothing new or different at all. They did mention cool side plots, like Alice’s past, but they should have explored them a little bit deeper or done something completely far-fetched.

If you are looking for a typical movie, Alice in Wonderland is great, but honestly, it wasn’t anything you haven’t already seen.

Oh, and p.s., the twins (tweedle dee and tweedle dum) were awesome, they should have had a bigger part.

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