New Movies for October 2, 2009

Check out the list of New Movies coming out this this weekend.

    Adventures of Power

    adventures of power
    When hard times hit a local copper town a mine worker wishes he would have been a star and learned the drums, only his father can’t afford them. He must air drum. (Rated: PG-13) See the Adventures of Power Movie Trailer.

    A Serious Man

    a serious man
    An ordinary physics professor at a midwestern university searches for clarity by seeking advice from 3 rabbis after his wife informs him she is leaving him. (Rated: R) Watch the A Serious Man Movie Trailer here.

    Whip It

    whip it
    Bliss (Ellen Page), a rebellious Texas teen throws in her small town beauty pageant crown for the rowdy world of roller derby. (Rated: PG-13) Watch the Whip It Movie Trailer here.

    The Invention of Lying

    the invention of lying
    A romantic comedy where everyone lives in a world where lying does not exist. When Mark, a down-on-his-luck loser, suddenly develops the ability to lie, he finds that dishonesty has its rewards. (Rated: PG-13) Watch the The Invention of Lying Movie Trailer here.

    Capitalism: A Love Story

    capitalism: a love story
    With both humor and outrage, Michael Moore’s newest documentary explores the taboo question: “What is the price that America pays for its love of capitalism?” (Rated: R) Watch the Capitalism: A Love Story Movie Trailer here.

    More Than a Game

    more than a game
    The life of Lebron James from his early childhood until his being drafted into the NBA. (Rated: PG) Watch the More Than a Game Movie Trailer here.


    After America is ravaged by a zombie plague, a lone band of survivors fight the living dead while they cross the nation. (Rated: R) Watch the Zombieland Movie Trailer here.

    After School

    after school
    A young, American student at an elite East Coast prep school accidentally captures on camera the horrible death of two girls. He creates a film memorializing their lives causing deepened trauma for some. (Rated: Not Rated) Watch the After School Movie Trailer here.

    Intimate Enemies

    intimate enemies
    The story of the French-Algerian war is portrayed through the eyes of a soldier whose opinion of the conflict changes by his experience in combat. (Rated: Not Rated) Watch the Intimate Enemies Movie Trailer here.

    Toy Story & Toy Story 2 in Disney Digital 3D

    toy story 3d
    The beloved talking toys are back in celebration of the return of the Toy Story franchise. This time they are in 3D. (Rated: G)

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