New Movies Opening October 16 2009

Go ahead! Take a peek at the new movies opening October 16 2009!

    Law Abiding Citizen

    law abiding citizen
    Law Abiding Citizen is a thriller about a brilliant sociopath who orchestrates a series of high-profile murders that grip the city of Philadelphia and the prosecutor assigned to his case who realizes he is the only one who can end the reign of terror. What’s so fascinating about that? He does it all from his jail cell! (Rated: R). Watch the Law Abiding Citizen trailer here.

    Where the Wild Things Are

    where the wild things are
    The film adaptation, directed by Spike Lee, of the classic Maurice Sendak book. The movie follows Max, a rambunctious and sensitive boy, who escapes to where the wild things are. (Rated: PG) Watch the Where the Wild Things Are movie trailer here!

    The Stepfather

    When a teenage boy begins to suspect that his new stepfather is a notorious serial killer who preys on broken families, he races to gather the evidence that will back up his radical claim before it’s too late. (Rated: PG-13) Watch The Stepfather movie trailer here.


    In Blue, Frenchwoman (Juliette Binoche) tries to withdraw from life after her daughter and composer husband die in a car crash (Rated: Not Rated) No trailer available.

    The Ministers

    the ministers
    In The Ministers, a NYPD detective attempts to avenge the death of her father, but unwittingly becomes involved with one of his killers. (Rated: R) Watch The Minsters movie trailer here.

    Black Dynamite

    black dynamite
    The city streets explode into violence when “The Man” kills Black Dynamite‘s brother in this seamless recreation of the blaxploitation classics of the 1970s. (Rated: R) Watch the Black Dynamite movie trailer here.

    New York, I Love You

    new york I love you
    Some of the world’s most-respected directors align forces to pay tribute to the city of the New York in this unconventional sister film to 2006’s Paris, Je T’Aime. Broken into short segments, New York, I Love You is comprised of 10 films, most choosing to take a down-to-earth approach to the stories of the countless lives lived in the city on a given day. (Rated: R) Watch the New York, I Love You movie trailer here.

    The Maid

    the maid
    Raquel works as a maid for a well-to-do Chilean family, and has been with the household so long that she’s come to think of herself as part of the family. In The Maid, Raquel must fight to hold on to her place in the household where she’s been a servant for much of her life. (Rated: Not Rated) Watch The Maid movie trailer here!

    The Little Traitor

    the little traitor
    The Little Traitor is adapted from the novel The Panther in the Basement, by renowned author Amos Oz. The film stars Alfred Molina as a British sergeant and his mentor relationship with an 11 year old intelligently curious young Israeli boy. (Rated: Not Rated) Watch The Little Traitor movie trailer here.

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