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no impact man movie
No Impact Man may be a movie worth seeing–not because of any special effects or incredible acting–no, that’s not it. In fact, No Impact Man is a documentary and if nothing else, it should prove to make you think a little.

The documentary follows Colin Beavan (“A guilty liberal who attempts to save the planet”) and his family as they try to eliminate their carbon footprint for one year. O sure, you may think, I’m doing something like that. I’m a concerned citizen looking out for the environment–I ride my bike to work once a week or use eco-friendly light bulbs. Wrong.

The Beavans are going Amish-style…and beyond.

For one year the Beavans eliminate everything modern society has given us, except perhaps running water and living in four enclosed sheet-rock walls.

That means no electricy (which includes a boatload of modern devices like TV, the washing machine and anything else with a plug), no plastic or packaged foods, no automobiles, no elevators, and the list just goes on and on.  They didn’t even use toilet paper (Gasp!). Watch No Impact Man Movie Trailer

Aside from being entertaining just from the mere fact that the family is living like cavemen, the movie seems to carry with it all the juiciness of a reality TV show too, except without all the unnecessary expletives and nudity. At least, I don’t think so.

Apparently, Mrs. No Impact Man likes her soap operas and a quarter-pounder with cheese now and again so arguments and strife are bound to arise.

No Impact Man
releases this Friday, Sep. 4, so I haven’t seen it yet but I do have some initial reactions:

  • First, way-to-go Beavans.  I don’t have the willpower or the patience to…well, I just would never do that.
  • Second, there’s some cool things about this family experiment, and I’m not speaking environmentally.  As Colin alludes to in the trailer, his family became closer–and for good reason.  Think how much more time you’d have with your family if you cut out TV and had to wash clothes together in the bathtub!
  • Third, i think some of this experiment is a little absurd.  Certainly, we can all do a little better on how we help the environment, but let’s not get crazy.  Sure, I think less time behind the TV is good, buying local pr0duce is great, even riding the bike from time to time is wonderful and great exercise. But, I happen to be one that believes in the Almighty and if we were supposed to live like cavemen without any of the modern conveniences we have today, well, I’m sure He would have made that the case.  In other words, if you need to take a cab to get to work on time, do it. If you need to use some toilet paper to do your business, use it.  Moderation people, moderation.

Alas, I digress. This is a movie trailer review, not a post about my environmental or religious beliefs.  With that said, if you get a chance this weekend, No Impact Man looks like an entertaining use of your time.

P.S. (I wonder if Mr. Beavan factored in how much of an eco-footprint all of us will leave by traveling to the movie theater, buying lots of goodies, and using up lots of electricity to watch his film.  Hmm).

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