Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief: Worst Movie of the Year? I Think So

I recently went to the dollar theater to see Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief and all I can say is that I am so glad that I didn’t spend more than a dollar on it. In fact, now that I’ve watched it, I’m not sure if I would’ve paid fifty cents to see it.

A movie that had so much potential with an amazing story line from the book written by Rick Riordan turned into an epic failure with horrible writing and atrocious acting. There were points in the movie where I felt as if I were watching a movie made by third graders from the local elementary school. actually, in someways, I think the kids could have done better.

Certain lines in the movie had such a cheesy feel it was uncomfortable to watch. Now, I like movies, and I don’t think I’m extremely hard to please-but this movie just…augh…pretty much fell apart. There were points that were supposed to be serious, but because of the bad writing and off acting it was hard not to laugh.

That aside, we do need to give the young actors credit. The lead actors were relatively new to the movie scene and we probably could give them some slack for being less experienced. But the other actors, like Pierce Brosnan has no excuse.

I was disappointed with his performance. I felt there was too much of the “Arrghhh I’m a powerful Centaurrr” and less “this is real.” Sorry Pierce.

Even if the cheesy acting was intended to appeal to the younger audience, there were parts that were way too scary for children. At least, I would not want my kids to see that in a movie at a young age.

I don’t know if that was their way of trying to appeal to a wider audience, but throwing in a flying demon monster with fang-like teeth who screeches is NOT something to really put into a children’s movie.

All in all, I think the movie being from such a great book series exemplified the horribleness. The story line was so great, just the acting and writing dragged the movie down further than I could’ve imagined. I’ll give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

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