Pray For Death is the Worst Movie Ever Made

pray for death

The Good: None to speak of
The Bad: Horrible acting, editing, filming, score, action…Just read on

Yes, Pray For Death is the worst movie ever made! I know I’m going to offend some hardcore ninja fans out there with that statement, but so be it.

Yahoo!Movies gives this synopsis of the movie: “After a peace loving Japanese immigrant and his family become victims of a crime syndicate, a master ninja emerges.” I was surprised to see the average viewer rating of that movie at a “B”. If by “B” they mean “bomb” because it totally sucks, then I can understand.

A few weeks ago I was with my family and we had just finished watching a movie.  So you know how the DVD player turns off and whatever channel you’d left the TV on pops up? Well, before we knew it, out unsuspecting eyes were met with Pray For Death.

Folks, it was so bad we had to watch, you know what I mean?  Something so horrible you have to keep watching just to see if gets any better–but it doesn’t–to see what other pathetic attempts at acting might appear.

In the scene we saw, we watched as an old creepy feller was chased around a warehouse full of de-robed manikins by the worst excuse for a ninja I’ve ever seen. It’s not that this ninja wasn’t equipped with his sword, nun-chucks and ninja stars.  Oh no.  He was just pathetic. Not to mention the lid to his “Shredder” mask was welded on.  2 things. One, I didn’t know ninjas had access to welding equipment and two, that has to make it nearly impossible to get off. Watch the worst movie ever made!

Oh, It can’t be that bad, you say? Words can’t possibly describe its wretchedness.  Here’s a clip I found from another part of the movie. Just watch for yourself (these clips aren’t for the faint of heart):

Did you notice the careful editing? Did I say careful? I meant crappy. One moment a ninja star is in his hand, the next it’s lodged in a guy’s forehead. That was a conveniently placed tree for the stabbing to take place, too.

In this clip, the ninja magically eludes gunfire and slice and dices his way toward a mansion where I guess someone important he must kill is anxiously awaiting his arrival. The whole mask welding thing is answered here, too:

Anyway, lest I bore you more, I shall quit for the time being. Indeed, Pray for Death is the worst movie ever made! Ciao

p.s. If anyone can find the clip I was describing in the warehouse, please let me know. Thanks!

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One Response to: Pray For Death is the Worst Movie Ever Made

From those videos alone I can tell you that is far from the worst, I’ve seen much much worse.


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