Rango: I am excited.

I am excited about Rango. Like, really excited. Granted, I usually get excited about manly movies that involve serious violence and grunted dialogue, but there’s something about delightful animated movies that get me all emotional and happy. Rango just looks good.

Here’s my brief list of reasons why I’m excited to go see Rango.

-It looks beautiful. Animation only keeps getting better, and it never ceases to amaze me ghow the creative indidiudals can make their worlds come alive. From everything I’m seen, an exquisite amount of detail and rendering have been pured into every shot, making it awesome looking. The attention to theme is also pretty impressive to see. I like it when designers can find a motif and make it their own.

-It looks funny. It looks like it will have a lot of fun slapstick moments, with some witty humor mixed in. I really like it when movies can mix over the top gags with pop culture references and witty jokes, kind of like the Shrek series did. In fact, that’s my best comparison of what I hope it will be. I hope it is like Shrek 2, which kept me laughing the whole way through.

-Johnny Depp is cool. No, I’m not jumpng on the last decade’s fad train. I’ve seen Jonny Depp in movies before Pirates, so I can exclude myself from the bandwagon that proclaimed him their bestest evar!!1! favorite actor for the last 8 years. I’ve seen Sleepy Hollow, so I can safely say that I’ve seen him at not his best. It doesn’t matter though. He’ll put a fun spin on the character that I’m truly excited to see.

So there you have it. A short and arbitrary list of why Rango looks good. Last year was an awesome year for animated movies with How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3 being especially awesome. Here’s to hoping 2011 is equally as epic to behold, movie wise.

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