Review of RED

If you are looking for the best movie in the theaters right now, it’s NOT RED, the new Marvel film.
-Directed by Robert Schwentke
-Starring Bruce Willis
+Morgan Freeman
+John Malkovich
+Helen Mirren
+Karl Urban.

Once again, the industry is trying to make a popular movie, thinking the only requisite is paying for top actors.

“Its a spectacle of terrific actors,” raves Wall Street Journal.

This is clearly an expensive line up, but WSJ does not say the movie is actually entertaining. If you have seen the reviews, no doubt you have seen the scene where a bullet and a bazooka round collide, causing an explosion comparable to a oil tanker blowing up.

In review of the 110 minute film, it is non-stop ridiculous action sequences. RED did show moments of brilliance, but they were overshadowed by the lack of credibility. I mean, who even thinks Helen Mirren can blow a cargo van to pieces using a machine gun.

The box office reports 26 million in sales from its sole week in theaters. Jackass 3D is running on the same time line, yet has reported 65 million in sales.

Hopefully, the next action movie released will have action stars, not just fake stunts.

If I were you, I would watch the trailer a few more time and save your money to see a real movie.

Here is the trailer: This is all you need to see.

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