Sandra Bullock, Best Actress in a Leading Role of the Year!!

Sandra Bullock at The Blind SideAnd the award for the BEST ACTRESS in a leading role goes to…SANDRA BULLOCK!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Academy decided that Sandra Bullock was the best actress in her leading role in The Blind Side and they definitely got it right. Sandra Bullock’s performance in this movie is not only inspiring, but very motivating to be more sensitive to the needs of others. It is almost impossible not to hear from members of the audience, right after seeing this movie, how inspiring and moving it was. There is no doubt that no matter what your favorite movie type is, you will be touched and motivated to be a better person, and to be grateful for what you have.

Sandra Bullock, through her OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE as Leigh Anne Tuohy, showed how everyone has the opportunity to give and to change the lives of those in need. It is true that she plays the role of a rich woman who has the means to help an unfortunate teen. However, she inspires us to look around and to look for opportunities to give to those who have less than us. Bullock also portrays the fears and uncertainty that we all might have when we try to help, but she also shows that there are reasons to believe that there are people who we can trust, even if they are strangers and homeless.

GRATITUDE is one of the feelings that we experience at watching The Blind Side but it is also a feeling that the very Sandra Bullock experienced during her Oscar award acceptance moment when she said, “I have so many people to thank for my good fortune in this lifetime and this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I know. To the family that allowed me to play them, the Tuohy family, I know they’re in here and you’ll probably hear her in a minute.” And this is probably why this story has touched and is still touching many hearts, it makes us think how fortunate we are with what we have, instead of focusing on what we don’t have.

As we mentioned last month, we at thatshowsucks are proud to announce that The Blind Side holds the 1st place trophy for our favorite motivational sports movie. And this month, we are proud that the actress with the leading role in The Blind Side was awarded with a prestigious OSCAR. So if you have not taken the time to see this film yet, what are you waiting for??? See it and enjoy of the BEST ACTRESS in a leading role of the year.

Sandra Bullock’s Oscar Acceptance Speech Video

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