Stumbling On Netflix Gold

One of the most useful features of Netflix is the way that it tracks your viewing decisions, and displays similar content based on the genre that is viewed the most. While other video streaming sites *coughcoughHULUcoughcough* and services have rudimentary genre finding capabilites, they are neither as refined nor as accurate as Netflix is.

The key to the amazing predicative capabilites of Netflix is the way that content is displayed by specific genre styles. Instead of a movie or TV show being relegated to an unimaginative genre, (such as “action” or “horror”) it shows specific subgenres that the viewer might want to try out.

This feature is easily one of my favorite parts of Netflix, because it allows me to discover shows that I wouldn’t have otherwise found or given a try. Finding Netflix gold in this fashion can be a surprising and pleasant experience, even if you do feel a bit sheepish about getting excited about a show that ended years ago.

For example, Netflix decided that because I seemed to like Battlestar Galactica, I should probably try out Firefly. I did, and I ended up liking it enough to immediately become hysterical and sad that there was only one season available. After I cleared away my geeky man tears, I went back to browsing, looking for shows to fill the gap.

Netflix thought that since I seemed to like the work of Joss Whedon in Firefly, maybe I should have a look at Dollhouse. I immediately started watching with some friends, and was amazed that I hadn’t given the show a chance back in 2009. And I immediately went all sad face because there were only two seasons. Netflix was getting pretty spot on with this stuff….

Since I seem to like Dollhouse, the browser has suggested a couple of post- apocalyptic sci-fi shows that I didn’t even know existed. And yet… I’m strangely excited. I think that if I keep going down this road, I could easily have enough dark and gritty “end of the world” types of shows to last for months! And you can’t put a price on that kind of service.

Likewise, since the browser found out that I really like Michael Caine, it suggested that I try out a movie of his called Flawless. And that was easily one of the best movies I watched last year.

Stumbling upon Netflix gold is undoubtedly one of the best features of the service. It allows both movie and TV people to find cool stuff that they wouldn’t have thought to look for otherwise. And I humbly offer my complete loyalty to our electronic masters of entertainment, and will offer no resistance during the end of the world.

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One Response to: Stumbling On Netflix Gold

Yea, Netflix is usually pretty spot on in regards to what you’ll like and not like. Every once in a blue moon I’ll hate something they think I’ll love but it’s rare. The problem I have is I’m pretty picky with what I give 5 and 4 star ratings to so I hardly never get 5 star recommendations and 4 stars are pretty slim. So a lot of my recommends are 3/3.5 stars.


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