Surrogates Review

surrogates movie reviewSet in the not too distant future, people feel that they can live a safer, yet more fulfilling life through a life-like, robotic human surrogates called a “Surry”. But, as the first murders in years begin to occur, their perfect world is put into jeopardy.

During Lieutenant Harvey Greer’s (Bruce Willis) investigation of the murders, he realizes the life he’s been missing and uncovers more than just the perpetrator.

Surrogates is an interesting story that brings up a lot of ethical questions to consider in a world that is becoming increasingly more dependent on technology. It’s got some good twists and keeps you guessing as well as gives you a glimpse of what the Sims would be like in real life.

If you can look past Bruce Willis’s terrible blonde wig, it’s one of the better sci-fi’s I’ve seen recently. See the Surrogates movie trailer here.

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One Response to: Surrogates Review

Is it just me or that poster a total rip off of one of the posters from Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles?


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