Surrogates was a Bad I,Robot Movie

First off, this review is  based only on the parts of the movie that I saw.  I went and watched the movie at a dollar theater and managed to sleep for a good portion of this hour an a half film.

For the 45 minutes that I was awake I found that it was really annoying with everyone was running around with their Surrogates, because too many people looked and acted just like humans.  There was absolutely no way of telling the difference between real people and the fake robots (expect most of the humans were slightly overweight).  So when you think that something important is about to happen to someone you’re highly disappointed  to see someone take off what looks like sun tanning booth goggles and they are completely fine and just get a new surrogate.

Another thing I noticed was that there was a huge overbearing political agenda throughout the movie.  Pretty much the director wanted you to feel like crud for thinking that technology is cool and that it could make our lives better.  I had the exact same feeling when I was watching Wall-e, where everyone, through technology, has become useless and entirely dependent upon technology.

Some of the action was cool, but not really.  There was maybe one surprise worth finding out, but the rest of the story was pretty straight-forward.  If you are looking for a good robot movie, I would suggest either waiting until I,Robot 2 comes out or waiting until this movie hits Redbox and you have a  free-movie code to waste.

Do you agree or disagree?  What did you think about the movie?  Let us know in the comments section.

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