The Award for the Best Motivational Sports Film Goes to …

The Blind Side !

The Blind Side Movie PosterThe Blind Side, with half of the votes this week, has become thatshowsucks number 1 motivational sports film of all time.  The movie is a heart-warming film showing how a young man’s life is forever changed when a family, mothered by Sandra Bullock, gives him not only a chance, but also a home.

For anyone who has not gone out and spent the money to see this film, shame on you.  This movie gives even the biggest of sports haters a motivational kick in the pants.  The music is wonderful and the acting is superb.  The Blind Side makes every person want to be better and aid those in need of a helping hand.

I also found out this morning that The Blind Side has been nominated for best actress (Sandra Bullock) and Best Motion Picture for the upcoming Academy Awards.

We at thatshowsucks are proud to announce that The Blind Side holds the 1st place trophy for our favorite motivational sports movie.

Watch The Blind Side Movie Trailer.

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