The Blind Side Movie Review

the blind side I know. I said I wasn’t going to see a movie last weekend but I scored some free movie passes and I couldn’t just let them sit there. Right? So I went and saw The Blind Side.

Now, despite the name of this blog — That Show Sucks — I couldn’t bring myself to call The Blind Side a crappy movie, because it’s not. Read More

I don’t know where Sandra Bullock came from in this film, but it wasn’t her typical self. You won’t see the normal ditsy and flirtatious Bullock in this film. No, sir.

Why do I think it’s so good? For starters, it’s real. Yes, it’s dramatized and Hollywoodized, but it’s a real story about real life, about good people that did the right thing. The movie is also very moving. It brings you right into the story, feeling like you’re part of it.

In the end, I’d call it one of those feel-good movies. First, you’ll feel grateful for whatever you have — because it’s probably better then what Michael Oher and his acquaintances have — and you’ll feel good that there’s at least some semblance of decency left in this world.

If you haven’t seen The Blind Side yet, I’d check it out. You can also see how all the other movies did this weekend in the Box Office.

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2 Responses to The Blind Side Movie Review

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  • I loved this movie! I would probably even call it my favorite movie that came out in 2009. Sandra Bullock does show a side of her acting talent that is not seen before. Get off the computer and go see it!


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