The Green Hornet: I likey.

The Green Hornet ended up surprising me. I went into the theater fully expecting it to be something boring or cliche, especially since it didn’t look like it had the biggest budget in the world. I was wrong, because I ended up being utterly delighted and charmed by the movie. This is a seriously funny show.

The entire move had me laughing. Everything from the language to the homages to other movies to the sheer ridiculousness of the death of the villain were hilarious. Let me be clear. This is definitely a show meant for adults. The jokes are often insulting and obscene in nature, and the violence is deliberately obnoxious.

But that’s the point. Juvenile humor and a fascination with over the top violence is something that many guys have. The dialogue was funny because that’s how some of us interact with out friends. And the violence was such an homage to The Matrix and Spiderman and Batman that it ended up being hilarious. And the action scenes were very well done. The chase scenes and fight sequences were iconic in their own right, and were impressive to watch and be amazed at.

To sum this whole thing up, The Green Hornet is a show that knows what it is trying o do and succeeds at it. It is a masterpiece of ridiculousness and over the top action. And that’s why it’s good, really. Seth Rogan and the other people who produced this show knew that they wanted to make a silly and violent comic adventure, and they succeeded at it. It’s a shame that the rest of the reviews are negative about it all, since it accomplished the objective very well. If you’re in the right mindset, it ends up being a fun adventure that keeps a consistently  goofy tone throughout.

It’s not The Dark Knight, because The Dark Knight wasn’t funny. The Green Hornet is, and it gleefully knows it. I wholeheartedly recommend it if you like silly action.

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