The Lovely Bones

Movies based off of books can be good, The Lovely Bones is not one of them.  A good movie should be able to stand by itself, people should be able to understand it without reading the book first.  This movie is understandable, but it also has a where-did-this-come-from feeling.

A scene from heaven.

The Lovely Bones was disorienting, disturbing, and shocking.  The main character, Suzie Salmon lives in a neighborhood inhabited by an undocumented serial killer.  The killer lures her in to an underground hut he made just for the occasion, and murders her.

Suzie’s spirit runs away from the murderer, and it takes her a while to learn she is dead.

There are some disturbing scenes in her afterlife, and I had a hard time deciding whether she was in heaven or hell, but it turns out she was in neither.  She was in the spirit world.

There are more scenes from the Suzie’s spirit world that made me feel like I was on drugs, because they were so abstract and full of things that had nothing to do with anything.  I am sure they meant more to people who read the book, but to a viewer without all that background information, the randomness meant nothing.

So unless you feel like watching a movie that makes you depressed, disturbed, and sick to your stomach, I suggest staying away from this one.

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