The Time Traveler’s Wife Review

So I saw The Time Traveler’s Wife last week.  My wife and I decided to cash in on a Fandango pass and watch a free movie.  We got to the theater with plenty of time and found some great seats.  I love the theater.  I always get excited to go; it just makes the movie experience so much better.

Obviously, I was pretty psyched and ready to watch an awesome movie. (I had seen an interview with Rachel McAdams on the Daily Show so my interest was peaked).  Read More…

Getting to the review…The Time Traveler’s Wife, originally a book by Audrey Niffenenger (that’s a scary name!), takes place in the modern era.  Clare, a rich young girl, is having a picnic one day all by her lonesome when Henry time travels to her.  Thus begins a life-long romance in which she eventually marries the guy and struggles to keep a happy marriage with a husband always disappearing. Life becomes further complicated when they have a daughter with…let’s just say…a similar genetic defect.

So, I’m all pumped to be in the theater, I’ve seen some exciting new trailers, and here comes the opening scene.  The second Eric Bana (who plays Henry) opened his mouth all my hopes of a decent movie-going experience were dashed away.  I don’t care if all the ladies consider him eye-candy; it was quite possibly the worst acting I’ve seen.  Put a little enthusiasm into Bana!

Well, somehow, just somehow, my interest was rekindled as the movie slugged on.  It was a difficult first half hour/45 minutes but then the plot finally got interesting enough for me to pay attention.

The movie takes a lot of the familiar turns of a romance movie–partially why I was so bored at first–yet there were enough new ideas introduced in this one to keep it mildly entertaining. The guy time travels for crying out loud–that’s got to bring some sort of entertainment, right?

My biggest problem with the movie though is the every-day life stuff.  The movie never tries to explain how a man, who disappears against his own will, keeps a job, lives in public, or even drives a car, for example.  Can you imagine driving down the highway when…poof!  There goes Henry.  No worries, he’ll be back soon.

So, while the idea is new and interesting, I’m sure there would be many more social and logistical issues that would arise than the movie ever suggests.

I give The Time Traveler’s Wife a bearable rating, simply because there were some interesting plot ideas amidst the poor acting.  I’d wait for this one to hit Redbox though.

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