Top 5 Scariest Halloween Movies

When it comes to Halloween movies, or horror films for that matter, we know that the choices are pretty much endless. Regardless, these are our 5 picks for scary movies you’ll want to watch this Halloween!

poltergeist girl

5. Poltergeist

A suburban family is visited by ghosts who play odd tricks on them, and soon the events build up to a frightening climax when the ghosts kidnap the youngest daughter.

the ring girl

4. The Ring

I know not everybody was totally creeped out like I was in this film. It’s still one of the better scary movies – well done and not cheesy like this genre tends to be.


3. Alien

Perhaps this is a film that would not have the same effect were it released for the first time in 2009. But when Alien came out 30 years ago, boy was this freaky. Anybody with a bit of heartburn was nervous what might come next!

Halloween villain

2. Halloween

Though this movie falls a bit on the hokey side of the genre at times, it’s named Halloween – so doesn’t that merit a top 5 spot? But really, this is a pretty scary film. If Jamie Lee Curtis’ career stopped here, we probably all would have been a little better off.

jack in the shining

1. The Shining

After the Kings spent a spooky night in the Stanley Hotel in Colorado as the only guests, this thriller was born. This 1980 film adaptation of the book is one of the scariest movies alive. It gave us a couple of quotable lines to: “Here’s Johnny!” Also, one of Jack’s best movies ever.

I know there are dozens more to choose from. What did I miss? What are you watching this Halloween?

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