True Grit: Why I Think It Deserves An Oscar

Since Oscar season is quickly coming up on us, I thought that I’d submit my own preference for the win to you all. You, know. Since this will obviously swing the results in my favor. I think that True Grit deserves the Oscar for Best Picture. Out of all the nominees, only True Grit and Inception actually had me leaving the theater mumbling deliriously about what good movies they were.

So, here’s why I think True Grit should win Best Picture:

1-The Acting. Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges were awesome. Seriously. Hailee Steinfeld handled her role with grace and maturity that went far beyond her years, and Jeff Bridges is Jeff freaking Bridges.

2-The Cinematography. The movie was shot outside, focusing on sweeping Western landscapes. What’s more, the actors were actually acting with each other and the environment, instead of prancing around in front of a green screen the entire time. I only saw a couple of instances where CGI was obvious, and that is saying something in todays world.

3-The Authenticity. The movie felt real. As said, the outdoor portions were actually outside, and the everything was period appropriate and worn down enough to be believable. The attention to detail witht the clothes and hair was particularly excellent. The fight scenes had gravity and impact. People actually died when shot instead of rolling around and making jokes the entire time. All in all, it was believable because they put a lot of work into making it so. Quality can be immediately observed.

I don’t doubt that Inception will win “Best Something In A Something In A Something”, and that Natalie Portman will get an award for her Black Swan work. But Inception has now almost become a cliche, and Black Swan is so obviously gonna get something that I just want True Grit to get the acknowledgement it deserves. Give them the Oscar, Academy! Thank you. And thanks to my mom for supporting me.

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One Response to: True Grit: Why I Think It Deserves An Oscar

Commented:  19 February 2011 at 4:02 pm()

True Grit deserves the oscar for best picture, best direction, etc.
It impressed me so much!


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