Waiting 11 Years

Toy Story fans flocked the theaters waiting eleven years for the third of the beloved Toy Story movies. With much anticipation, and complete and utter excitement, people of all ages enjoyed this film. Young adults and teenagers who grew up watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2, little kids who were excited to watch a movie about their favorite toys, and parents who accompanied them. Even older generations would enjoy this movie because of its emotionally appealing nature, based on the fact that we can all relate to past toys that we loved and played with, and then moved on to other hobbies, though we will always cherish the memories.

People came away from the movie very happy and pleased with the outcome. Many even came away with tear stains and little sniffles, because for many this movie was a tear-jerker. Oddly enough, the movies that make us cry are the ones we tend to love the most and say are the best. The ones that make us cry must hit in a very sensitive spot causing our emotions to explode and really “hitting home” causing us to feel that the movie really relates to us. For those of you who have not seen this movie, come prepared to cry or at least to feel very emotionally connected with the movie. Very good movie.

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I loved this movie!

This movie was awsome


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