Weekend Box Office Results July 22-24, 2011

Weekend Box Office ResultsCaptain America: The First Avenger came out swinging this weekend easily taking the top spot.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 continued to to rake in the cash world wide and should easily make its way into the one billion dollar club.

Movie Weekend Gross Total Gross Budget Week
(NR) Captain America: The First Avenger $65,058,524 $65,058,524 $140,000,000 1
(1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 $47,422,212 $273,539,281 $250,000,000 2
(NR) Friends With Benefits $18,622,150 $18,622,150 $35,000,000 1
(2) Transformers: Dark of the Moon $12,051,735 $325,841,185 $195,000,000 4
(3) Horrible Bosses $11,884,319 $82,566,703 $35,000,000 3
(4) Zookeeper $8,702,055 $59,206,255 $80,000,000 3
(5) Cars 2 $5,655,857 $176,375,295 $200,000,000 5
(6) Winnie the Pooh $5,162,046 $17,594,297 $30,000,000 2
(7) Bad Teacher $2,610,925 $94,365,688 $20,000,000 5
(10) Midnight in Paris $1,804,662 $44,783,206 $30,000,000 10

( ) Last Weeks Ranking
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2 Responses to Weekend Box Office Results July 22-24, 2011

I actually enjoyed Cowboys VS Aliens, it was a fun movie, albeit a bit trite, but if you can get past the cheesiness of it and let yourself see it for what it is its a very cool movie. I had been looking forward to seeing it since I first saw the trailer a while back, but hearing so many bad reviews for it kind of scared me off for a while and I didn’t end up seeing it until it had been in theaters for a few weeks. Literally none of my friends liked it, in fact some went as far to say the movie was absolutely terrible. But they were looking for some profound message to be delivered somewhere in the movie or something and not allowing themselves to just be a kid again and enjoy watching a bunch of cowboys engaged in battle with a bunch of aliens. I still love those corny movies. I would definitely recommend this movie, just go into it with an open mind and don’t expect it to be more than a fun novelty movie.

My brother had been talking about the Captain America : First Avenger movie for a LONG time before it was released after he first saw the trailer, he is a big fan of the superhero genre. He talked this movie up so much I broke down and went to see it with him over the weekend, and to my surprise it was actually really good. I am usually not a big fan of the action/sci-fi/fantasy type movies, more of a fan of comedy, but this definitely kept my attention until the very end. I am not surprised at all to see how well it did in the box office after watching it for myself. Great movie.


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