Where the Wild Things Are Sucks

where the wild things are sucks

Where the Wild Things Are sucks. I finally went to see it last night but was sorely disappointed.

I’m not one of those “it wasn’t like the book” complainers – I just thought it was boring. Max tended to get on my nerves, too. No wonder his mother yells at him and he runs away. There’s more!

Where the movie does excel is in its uniqueness. It does try to capture life as a child in a totally outrageous way. The monsters are quite interesting and bizarre and I enjoyed the cinematography and the sets (the huts/nests the monsters build are incredibly cool). But uniqueness isn’t enough to make a good movie.

So, I can see if you were one of those people that goes to a museum or an art studio, stares at the painting on the wall with 12 randomly hashed colors, and says, “this is a masterpiece!”, then you might like Where the Wild Thing Are. It was like staring at a modern art piece for an hour and a half that’s trying to make some radical statement and you can’t tell why anyone else thinks it’s wonderful.

On top of that, I had 2 nimrods sitting next to me texting throughout the whole movie. I guess they were as bored as I was because I can’t think of any other reason why you’d spend 10 bucks to see a movie just to talk to who knows who on the phone the whole time. A little girl also left the theater in tears. I guess she thought the monsters were going to eat her.

Certainly, Where The Wild Things Are is not my fave. Save your money for RedBox on this one.

You can see the Where the Wild Things Are Movie trailer here or watch a clip.

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4 Responses to Where the Wild Things Are Sucks

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  • This movie does look incredibly boring, I’ve learned from films like Lost In Translation that sometimes the critics and the viewers let visuals somehow overshadow the fact that the film will put you to sleep.

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  • JohnnyPavo
    Commented:  20 September 2011 at 11:43 am()

    Thanks people, I am an arty fartsy type and I still didn’t want to see this after catching a couple of trailers/scenes. But WOAH MVP, this movie and Lost in Translation are completely different, aim for polar opposite sentiments, and Lost in Translation is simply wonderful if you’ve ever done any international travel or would like to because it DOES feel as strange as that at times, think cultural shock meets caucasion objectification.


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