Post- Oscar Comments

Now that the awards are over, it’s time to offer a few post Oscar comments regarding how the awards broke down. Most of them were pretty predictable, despite my best efforts to add some variety to the proceedings. One thing is for sure. There were a few heavy hitting contenders in each category, and the others that were nominated pretty much had no chance wahtsoever. Anyway. Here’s some comments I’d like to make:

The King’s Speech won “Best Picture”. It was a good movie. It made me want to get over my impediments and… um… be royal and stuff.

Natalie Portman won “Best Actress”. I totally did not see that one coming. It’s not like she’s gotten universal praise and a host of people who want to make her their new leader. Seriously though. I called that one. Oscar winners usually portay characters with deep problems. And a homicidal ballet dancing schizophrenic woman who just happens to do a vicious lesbian scene with Mila Kunis probably will win every time.

Colin Firth won “Best Actor”. K. It’s not like the ballot was really that stacked against him. Hail Britannia, I guess. (Ha. The King’s Speech joke.) Now he’ll’ have an even easier time impressing women. Eventually, his desirability is going to be so extreme that it collapses the universe and makes him undesirable somehow.

Toy Story 3 won “Best Animated Picture”. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. That movie made me seriously emotional. I may have cried in a manly way during the last scene.


Inception didn’t win that much. No comment.

Alice in Wonderland won “Best Art Direction” and “Best Costume Design”. Yes…….. Let us give the award to any movie that has frills involved in costume design and gloominess in mood. I was just thinking that we hadn’t seen enough of that trend.

All in all, it was a fairly predictable show. Like I said, some of the obvious heavyweights made it a foregone conclusion. Not quite as obvious as Return of The King was, but pretty close.

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