New Wonder Woman Show: WHY???

Guess what? There’s going to be a Wonder Woman reboot coming soon! Whooo! The reboot idea was being bounced from studio to studio, and seemed like the idea was on the brink of being shot down for good. Since I’m usually of the opinion that there is always room for more superheroes, I was initially pleased with the announcement.

Well, there might be some bad news with the good here. Actually… It’s all bad.

The new Wonder Woman show, that is in production now, is gonna be a silly comedy of a show. Yup. And it’s gonna have a soundtrack of grrl power pop songs.  Aaaaaand the famous Wonder Woman outfit has been made into an eye shattering skintight latex costume.


I actually like Wonder Woman as a cool and strong character. There have been two awesome revisions of her in the comics lately. One had her being all Xena like in Ancient Greece and being frozen in stasis until the modern day, a la Captain America. The other vision of Wonder Woman has her completely re imagined in a gritty and down to earth way, all Dark Knight like. Both of these are infinitely better than the projected vision for Wonder Woman: Spice Girl Edition.

This new vision seems like it was built from the ground up to fail. Mebbe it’s a Producers like situation? Eh? Deliberately trying to fail in order to make a huge profit by hedging bets against it?

All in all, I think I join many other superhero fans in saying… Grrrraaagh why would you do that to us what did we ever do to you??? Join me in not watching it when it premieres, won’t you?

Mr. Sunshine: Good Potential Here

Mr. Sunshine is one of the promising new shows of the season. It’s a sarcastic and pessimistic take on the world that mixes dry humor and visual humor to make you laugh. Matthew Perry stars as the manager of an public arena, who has to balance his work, his crazy co workers, and his own crippling pessimism in order to progress in life. The show is a nice replacement for Better Off Ted, which was cancelled last year.

Mr. Sunshine: ...I think I Heart This Show

For those of us who enjoyed Better Off Ted, this is good thing all around. Both shows have a heavy emphasis on dark humor and clever wit, which apparently is too much for some people, seeing how Better Off Ted was canceled last year. (Forgive me. I am very bitter over Better Off Ted.)

Let me be clear. this show is not for everybody. This is a show that is all about the sarcasm and the pessimistic take on the world. It’s definitely something that will be appreciated by those with a similar mindset, but maybe not by everyone.

All in all, Mr. Sunshine looks like it has some good potential to be had. Those who appreciate sarcasm and dry humor will surely appreciate this show. The show has been delightfully varied each week, and all of the characters are fun in their own way. The ridiculous scenarios that the writers can insert into an arena setting make it amusing to watch every week, and the celebrity cameos so far have also been amusing. Who knows? Mebbe they’ll get Matt LeBlanc to show up for an episode as the main character’s best friend?

*Drops down on knees and begins praying*

Anyway. Let me reiterate. Mr. Sunshine has Matthew Perry being Matthew freaking Perry, and the show seems to run with the formula that was so enjoyable with Better Off Ted. Those of us who can appreciate this stuff will appreciate the show for what it is, and give it the chance that it deserves. Check it out!

The Adjustment Bureau: Pretty Good

The Adjustment Bureau is a fantastical look at a politician who discovers that his entire life has been planned out, and what happens when he deviates from the plan. Matt Damon stars as a man who accidentally discovers that his life has been planned out fro greatness. No problem, except that the girl that he likes can ruin his life plan and hers of he deviates from the path.

The people in charge of the planning and guiding of people throughout life are a race of higher beings that call themselves the Bureau. It is their job to make sure that everyone follows their specific plan to the letter, and to make Men In Black style memory corrections when problems come up. It is up to Matt Damon to challenge his destiny by pursuing the girl of his dreams, and by going toe to toe with the mysterious Bureau along the way.

The movie is pretty much what you would get if you rolled together Men in Black, Hancock, and The Manchurian Candidate. Yeah, I just blended those. It’s an interesting story for sure, and the acting is well done and the characters are likable.

The attention to theme is also commendable. The presence of the Bureau is something that is always present, and there are some really cool shots that happen at key points in the film. The movie nicely raises questions that involve destiny and predetermination, but it does beat you over the head with the Bureau metaphor. A lot. Those of you who haven’t seen it, look away now.


Matt Damon discovers that the Bureau has been controlling the entire course of human history, and that they are a collection of higher beings who have a man upstairs (literally) who is in charge of the overarching plan. Yes, the Bureau is a physical metaphor for angels and God. And the writers want to make sure that you get that, so they chuck in metaphors like that nonstop throughout. Wheeee.

*End Spoiler*

All in all, The Adjustment Bureau is pretty good. It’s nothing really revolutionary or anything, but it’s well worth watching. If it wasn’t for a few cliched things present, it would have been really good. There are just a couple of things that they so obviously lifted from other sources that is was a bit derivative. Also, they decided to pursue the ultimate cliche of having the unique and quirky hot girl with an attitude and playful side that meets the protagonist under silly circumstances, and proceeds to change his heart with her quirkiness.

Seriously, Hollywood. We get that it’s the dream of many men to meet the perfect woman like that. But just because it was fun in one movie doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to saturate every single freaking movie with this overdone cliche.

All in all, I’d heartily recommend that people either Redbox or Netflix this movie, and then cross it off the “To Watch” list.

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